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If you have a question about using the NetworkKing app, please review the lists of FAQs below. If you don’t find the answer, send your question to us at We want to help make your user experience a positive one.

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Additional Support

When I register for an event on NetworkKing, am I truly registering for the event with the official event coordinator?

No, when you register for an event on NetworkKing, you are only indicating your plans to attend this event to other NetworkKing users. If you wish to attend, you must still register for (and pay any applicable tuition or fees for) the event through the normal, proper registration channels for that event, outside of and independent of NetworkKing.

How do I send a message through NetworkKing? When I go to the Inbox screen, I can’t find a "compose" or "new message" button.

You can reply to a message received in the Inbox, but if you want to create a new message, you must do so from the Contacts screen. Once in Contacts, choose and open the contact to whom you wish to send a message, and there you’ll find a "Send Message" option. You may also send a message to a user who is not in your saved Contacts by going into that user’s profile on an Event Registration List and choosing the "Send Message" option.

How do I add people to my Contacts list?

Go to the Events screen. Select an event, and press "View Ev\ent Details.\" At the bottom of the Event Details screen, you’ll find the Event Registration List. Open any registrant, and you’ll find the option to "Add \to Contacts.\"

What happens if I block a user?

No notification will be sent to the blocked user. A blocked user will no longer see your profile or your activity, even if that user previously added you to his or her contacts. If the blocked user tries to send you a message, you will not receive it. If the blocked user was previously in your saved Contacts, he or she will be automatically removed from your Contacts list.

What if I accidentally block a user, or if I block a user and then change my mind, and I want to undo the block?

Simply send a message to the blocked user, and that will automatically unblock that user. Sending a message will not automatically restore a blocked user to your Contacts list, however. You will need to re-add that person to your saved Contacts.

What happens if I report a user?

No automatic notification will be sent to the reported user. Reporting a user will send a notification to a NetworkKing administrator, who will then take appropriate action to handle the incident. The administrator may contact you for more details if necessary.

Does reporting a user also automatically block that user?

No. If you are reporting a user, you should also strongly consider blocking that user.

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